The festive season brings delicious food, sweet and positive vibes. Who doesn’t like indulging in festive delights? From that Ghee-laden laddoo to jalebis, Diwali is all about getting together and binge-eating your favourite food. What are Diwali festivities without those extra bites of sweets shared with everyone, making delightful memories? The festival brings flavoursome confectioneries and fat-drenched savouries to the fore, and most of us don’t have the willpower to resist.

Taking it to Instagram, Pooja Makhija, a renowned nutritionist shares important facts about gaining weight during the festival season. “Sleep deprivation disturbs our #circadianrhythm – a biological clock that regulates many of our bodily functions especially our metabolism aka BMR. Along with increased hunger hormones #ghrelin you are eating everything in sight and exercise routines are on an absolute pause – a perfect recipe for great weight gain!” says Pooja,

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“Catch up on your sleep,” says Pooja. During the festive season, it is normal that you are sleep deprived. Your metabolism is dropped and the majority of what you are going to eat healthy or unhealthy, your body is going to store and not burn.

Along with low metabolism, your hunger hormones are at their peak. “Therefore your appetite is going ravenously berserk,” said Pooja.

Your exercise is out of the window as you won’t be able to exercise as you’ll be tired and crumpy. Therefore, the easiest way to prevent weight gain is to catch up on your sleep.

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