Thank you for this evocative article (As India’s religious polarisation intensifies, I miss the Bohra Diwali celebrations of my childhood). It took me back 70 years (I am 80 years old). Farida Pacha has brought back precious, happy memories of childhood. It is unfortunate that these memories seem like a dream world in this dreadful, polarised and strange new world. Wishing your publication all the best. – Khadija Minwalla


As a Bohra girl growing up in the 1960s, I can totally relate with the writer of this piece. I relived my early years with each line. So beautifully described. I would love to see more of Farida Pacha’s work. – Femisa Hussain


I agree with your article. That spirit of Diwali is long gone. I miss those days. – Ummehani Sitabkhan


That polarisation exists is reality. It is also true that it has increased in recent years. But I do not believe it is as bad as Farida Pacha portrays it. I do not question her personal experience, but it cannot be generalised. Syncretism and the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb exist and thrive in large parts of India. Have all those who are critical of the current situation reached out to the other community to communicate their commitment to syncretism?

It is one thing to…

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