Women against climate change

While many protestors at the Glasgow climate summit were young, and of them many women, the conference itself had mostly male and older leaders, writes Somini Sengupta for The New York Times. “Fewer than 10 of the 130 leaders in a group picture were women,” she notes.

Though many of these leaders have viewed the Glasgow talks as being fruitful, the protestors don’t quite agree. “If they [leaders] are really listening, she went on, ‘they would be prioritising people over profit’,” Sengupta quoted a protestor as saying. She notes that the ones most angry about the speed of climate action “are mostly young and female”.

“Girls and young women around the world have emerged as some of the most passionate climate activists, arguing that many of those most vulnerable to drought, water scarcity and other climate disasters are low-income women with children to feed,” writes Sengupta. “As a result, the climate movement has a shared mission with efforts to educate girls in developing nations.”

Read the piece here.

Shutting down Munawar Faruqui

Six shows of stand-up comic Munawar Faruqui were cancelled last month in Gujarat and Maharashtra after a campaign by Hindutva activists.

Faruqui’s troubles started after he was arrested in January for allegedly making fun of Hindu deities. Investigations proved he did not…

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