The first episode of smog this year has hit Delhi and the National Capital Region, an analysis done by think tank Centre for Science and Environment showed on Wednesday. The think tank has said called it a “public health emergency”.

In a statement, the think tank said that the current smog episode has lasted for six days – the same duration during the first smog episodes of 2018 and 2020. “If conditions don’t improve, it might overtake the 2019 smog that lasted eight days,” it said.

The think tank has predicted that the smog is likely to last till Friday. “Lingering on of this year’s smog for longer duration despite relatively windier local conditions might be due to the lack of pollution control measures in the city this year,” it said.

Average intensity of the smog this year so far was 329 microgramme per cubic metre per day, the think tank said. This is lower than the 2020 smog by 7% and the one in 2019 by 3% but more intense than the 2018 one by 9%, the statement said.

At 4.30 pm on Thursday, Delhi’s air quality index, or AQI, was in the “very poor” category at 390 showed real-time data by the System of Air Quality and…

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