The father of 22-year-old Altaf, who died on Tuesday in police custody in Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj district, on Thursday said that he was unaware of the content of a letter that he signed on the insistence of a circle officer, NDTV reported.

In the purported letter, Chand Miyan has absolved the Uttar Pradesh Police of any blame for his son’s death. The letter also stated that Altaf was depressed.

Altaf’s family has alleged that he was murdered in custody while the police have claimed that he hanged himself to a tap in the police station washroom with the drawstring of his jacket hood.

Altaf was taken to the police station for questioning after he was accused of kidnapping a Hindu woman.

The purported letter was circulated online on Tuesday night, NDTV reported.

“I am illiterate,” said Chand Miyan. “I did not know what the contents of the document were. I put my thumbprint on it at…

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