The thing is that the players have absolute faith in me and I will protect that faith with my life. Although I do not need to prove myself to them, I would never take my position and my responsibility for granted.

My work doesn’t start and end on court, it continues off court too. I keep myself challenged by not making the routines, discipline and training boring. I try to introduce variables, challenges and sometimes even fun to keep the players enthusiastic about the game as well as to not let their bodies slip into a comfort zone. This, for me, is critically important in order to keep the players in good shape, mentally and physically. One often wonders if they can make it to championship level without a coach, in any field, sports included. It’s impossible. You may be able to hit your target once, but to hit it 100 times you need structured practice.

Instinct and talent without technique will only make you reckless. You have to learn everything there is to know about your craft and you need help with that. You learn and absorb and train and trust till the point you are able to play and operate instinctively…

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