In the third part of our series on streets named after Hindustani musicians, we visit Gayan Samrat Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan Dilrang Marg situated in South Mumbai’s New Marine Lines neighbourhood.

According to the information provided on the website dedicated to the maestro, a function was held on Sunday, January 25, 1987, to name the street after the respected vocalist and composer Azmat Hussain Khan (1911-1975), who wrote his compositions under the pseudonym “Dilrang”. He also wrote Urdu poetry with the pseudonym “Maykash”.

In a segment of an interview available to us, Azmat Hussain Khan has mentioned notable personalities in his family tree and his gurus. He said that he received his initial training from his maternal uncle Altaf Hussain Khan of the Khurja gharana. He came to Mumbai at the age of 18 and learnt from his paternal uncle Alladiya Khan, the founder of the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana.

This interview is followed by two vocal presentations. The first is a composition by Alladiya Khan “Ahmed Piya” in the raag Bhankar set to the seven-matra Rupak. The second composition, a creation of Mia Achpal from Delhi, is set to the 16-matra Teentaal in the raag Shuddha Nat.

One of his…

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