It breaks mine and most athletics supporter’s hearts to hear about the retirement of the most prolific couple in athletics for the last few years.

In what concerns Ashton, it comes as unexpectedly as any other retirement after consecutive years with World and Olympic Records broken.
Even though he is already 28, did have some fuel left and titles to reconquer.
Brianne too had won her first senior World title in Portland less than one year ago.

It is, however, a comprehensible decision, especially, when it is simultaneous.
Time for themselves is something they must have never really enjoyed and even the best athletes wish to have some quality in their lives while still young.
The best way to express the way they feel is really the words written by Ashton two days ago in their personal blog, which will certainly mean something to nearly every sports fan:

“it’s my time to depart from athletics; to do something new. Frankly there isn’t much more I want to do in sport. I gave the most physically robust years of my life to the discovery and pursuit of my limits in this domain. Did I reach them? Truthfully I’m not sure anyone really does. It seems like we tend to run out of time or will before we run out of potential. That makes humanity limitless then, as far as I’m concerned. And I think that’s inspiring.”

We say goodbye to this wonderful couple, but I can’t hide my special admiration for Ashton, the holder of the World records in both the indoors Heptathlon and the Decathlon – the “greatest athlete in the world”!

Photo: AP / Elaine Thompson

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