When Kejelcha got to the front of the race at the ringing of the bell and started looking back for his compatriots I had the feeling that for the first time there was a chance of Mo Farah being beaten.

The only way I thought there was of beating the multiple-times world champion was working as a team in order to get away from the Briton before he could get away from the them and that was exactly what the East-African country did.
Here, I present the factors which I consider to have been essential in this upset:

1. Ethiopia worked as a team and were together in the front with 400 metres to go.

2. Both Kejecha and Muktar Edris advanced, guaranteeing a front position in the back straight. It looks like Barega tried to go with them but didn’t succeed.
For years, we have seen athletes putting all their effort in surpassing Mo with 250 metres to the finish line but none of them has succeeded in doing so. With the UK athlete behind them, this requisite was fulfilled.

3. In the final bend, Mo was boxed by Chelimo, who was now trying to be in the medal dispute. An unexpected hindrance for Mo, who was now getting in close contact with the front runners.

Luckily, Mo, found a way on the first lane to run freely. Nevertheless, it was already too late to prevent Edris from winning.
Mo was second with Chelimo (USA) by his side getting bronze.
Kejelcha, had done the initial effort entering the last lap and just ran out of gas in the final hundred metres.

For me, the opportunity of beating Farah was a deserved reward for the Ethiopian. Both Edris and Kejelcha clock great times race after race and always end up defeated by this master of the tactical races.

This doesn’t remove any credit froom Mo’s career. I’m sure he will always be remembered as the 1.75 metres man who gave the other no chance in the final lap!

[Photo: EPA]

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