Even though it already been recognised as an official event by IAAF in 2015 and the fact that Inês Henriques had already set an inaugural world record in the distance back in January; it wasn’t until very recently that the Portuguese athlete knew there would be women participating alongside men in the 50 kilometres race walk. And it wasn’t one or two: seven women took part in this competition without precedent which brings female athletics competitions one step closer to male’s. Among them, only four managed to finish under the time limit set by IAAF (4:17:00).

The icing on the cake was the new world record, breaking the one she had set half an year ago, now with an international exposure. The 37-year-old ran the race in 4:05:56, fulfilling her initial objective of breaking the 4:06 barrier.

For this last period of 6 months she had been stating her intention of competing in the 50 kilometres and, at last, her resilience paid out and she received her deserved prize.

[Photo: Reuters / Matthew Childs]

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