Fatigue affects physical and mental health of a person. Fatigue is a very common terminology used in sporting world. Most of sportsmen feel fatigue illness and they find ways to get rid of it. Usually when a sports person is not able to perform or achieve his respective task or goal. He starts practicing beyond his endurance limit and later he still finds himself at the same spot. Now this thing actually makes him mentally disturb and alongside the strenuous hard work or gym will make him physically tired, and this is what fatigue is. Just like overcharging a battery attenuates the life of battery, in the very same way when a muscle is made to work beyond a limit then a person can fall prey to muscle tension/fatigue. The major cause of over-training is poor performance. Sports person experiencing fatigue are usually those who are self-motivated and don’t realize what is wrong with their techniques in short, they don’t analyze what’s wrong! They need is to follow a proper training guideline or sometimes a proper rest or recovery period is required. Considering an example from cricketing world where Glenn Maxwell, a famous power hitter from Australian was out of form and he left himself out of the team and went into a 2 -month long recovery period. After that he came back strongly. Sports physician are usually hired for guiding athletes regarding these problems.   

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