Spot fixing is an illegal activity that destroys the integrity of sport. It is something not limited to cricket only, it is found almost in every sport of the new era. It is related to produce certain pre-planned events according to the bet against it. The betting market is then entertained in this scenario. It is different from match fixing in which the outcome of the match is bribed.
These shameful activities are mostly reported in cricket. The occurrence of corrupt practices in Pakistan cricket are way too common and the most infamous of all episodes is when Salman butt, M. Amir and M. Asif were caught red handed under spot fixing charges in 2010. Cricket Premier leagues of India, Pakistan and Australia also reported similar events.
 Taking in consideration of this security and honesty of sport, various sporting bodies have created proper polices against such acts and have very stern kind of actions. Recent activity of Umar Akmal from Pakistan cricket, not reporting the corrupt approaches, caused him 3 years ban from all sort of cricket. These kinds of activities destroy the true nature of sport and bring shame to one’s country.

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