Corona virus has put the world on hold and has taken a lot of lives in such conditions we should stay home and protect each other and hope that things get better as soon as possible. We know such conditions are very difficult for the cricket fans as the cricket has completely taken away which is certainly difficult for them to adjust so there are few things which our cricket fans can do during this lock down situation.

·       There are multiple cricket games which are easy to download so as a cricket fan you will love to play these games during this situation.
·        You can watch many cricket related videos, previous matches which will bring back a lot of memories.
·       You can play cricket with family inside your homes.
·       You can watch “The test” on amazon which is worth watching for cricket fans and you can sign up free for amazon prime videos and enjoy the series.
·       You can read articles and blogs on different cricket legends of the past.
But the most important thing to do is stay safe and keep social distancing in order to save our loved ones and our self and hope that everything gets to routine so we can enjoy watching our favorite teams playing.

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