Athletics Chat,

Episode 75,

the Epilogue Clip

The elite Womens’ pack, 2021 NYC Marathon, photo by How Lao Photography

In the Athletics Chat, Larry Eder (this week in HIllsboro, Oregon) and Stuart Weir (this week, in Oxford, England), attempt to solve many of the world’s problems in Athletics. In the Athletics Chat, Epilogue, Larry opines on the weeks’ happenings, AFTER Stuart and Larry chat. It is, as Mike Deering notes, a monologue.

This week, we spoke about:

1. The changes in British Athletics, how they are rebuilding the federation.

2. The 2021 NYC Marathon, how it went in the Big Apple, and why it was important

3. Stuart Weir opines on Mark Munro, acting CEO of British Athletics, Ian Beattie, CEO of UK Athletics

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