Skincare Tips: Healthy and glowing skin is everyone’s dream and desire. Washing your face regularly can help you achieve your dream and in return, will keep your skin fresh and healthy. Simple things can be done in the wrong way and in return, you are not enjoying the benefits of regular face wash. Washing your face in the wrong way can lead to several skin issues like acne breakouts, skin damage and can permanently damage your skin.

Taking it to Instagram, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta points out the most common cleansing mistakes we might be doing. Her caption read “Washing your face seems easy, but there’s actually a system to it in order to get clean, clear skin. Here are five mistakes you might be making while cleansing your skin.”

Check out the Instagram Post:

Here are the Cleansing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Away:

  • Not using lukewarm water.
  • Not double-cleansing.
  • Not washing for 30 seconds.
  • Not cleansing your hairline, ears and neck.
  • Not choosing the right face wash for your skin type.
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