In a major policy change, the Wrestling Federation of India on Friday decided that if it deems required, then it will ask the quota winning wrestlers to appear in trials before finalising the Indian team for the next Olympics, a move which has irked the top athletes.

The Wrestling Federation of India held its AGM in Gonda and in another major decision, it passed the resolution that no state will be allowed to field more than one team at the Nationals, something that will hurt Haryana the most.

Till recently, WFI had let the quota winners keep a place for the Olympics but it feels this move will keep top wrestlers “on their toes”.

“Sometimes the athlete hides injury and goes into the Games despite being injured or not being in form. It hurts medal chances. Also, once the quota is sealed and it remains with the quota-winner, other athletes in that particular category lose motivation,” a senior WFI official told PTI after the AGM.

A top athlete, who did not wish to be named, termed the move as “unfair”.

“This is really de-motivating. It should not have been done. The quota should stay with quota winner only,” the wrestler said.

However, it will not be compulsory that all athletes will be…

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