The chairperson of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation’s Standing Committee in Gujarat on Thursday verbally directed the civic body’s executive wing to remove meat-based foods from public display at roadside stalls and restaurants, The Indian Express reported.

The official, Hitendra Patel, directed the executive wing to ensure the implementation of the order within 15 days and said that it was a matter of religious sentiments.

The instruction applies to street vendors and restaurants selling chicken, fish as well as eggs.

Patel told The Indian Express that he has issued instructions for all stalls, especially those selling meat dishes, to ensure that the food is well-covered for hygienic reasons. He added that vendors have to ensure that no meat dishes are visible to passers-by.

“It may have been the practice for years to sell non-vegetarian food on full display, but the time has come to correct it,” the Standing Committee chairperson said. “The non-vegetarian food should not be seen.”

However, the Vadodara civic body’s Municipal Commissioner, Shalini Agarwal, said that she was unaware of the decision and that she had not received any directive to this effect.

The owner of a Vadodara-based restaurant known for its meat dishes told The Indian Express that in the backdrop of major losses to businesses since the Covid-19 outbreak, one would expect “logic and compassion” from…

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