Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat on Thursday denied reports that China has built a village on Indian territory, Times Now reported.

However, Rawat acknowledged that China has carried out construction along the Line of Actual Control, but it is well within its territory.

“The Chinese are building villages possibly for billeting and locating their civilians or for their military in the future all along the LAC, particularly after the recent face-offs that we have had,” he said at the Times Now Summit.

Rawat added: “But the present controversy that has erupted that the Chinese have come across into our territory and built a new village is not true.”

China has built a new village of about 101 homes in Arunachal Pradesh, NDTV reported in January.

The Pentagon report, titled “Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2021”, which was released earlier in November, also spoke about the village.

On Thursday, Rawat said China was building villages within its territory for its soldiers.

“Chinese soldiers are isolated, they are living thousands of miles away from the mainland,” he said at the Times Now Summit. “Our soldiers get to go home twice or thrice a year. Chinese soldiers don’t…

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