Every year, October 29th is observed as World Psoriasis Day and recognises people who suffer from psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis. This day aims to increase awareness and improve access to treatment. As per industry sources, Psoriasis affects over 2.6cr people in India and often leads to social discrimination due to its physical manifestations. The global theme for this year was #NotAlone, thus, helping people to gain awareness.

Psoriasis is the most common skin disease. As many as 1 person in 40 is affected by psoriasis. Typical scales on the skin, often itchy, can make everyday life very difficult for patients thus leading to social isolation. The disease is considered incurable and inflammation is its main cause. Inflammation is a natural reaction of the body to an external attack: bacteria, viruses, fungi and serves to fight infection.

What Causes Psoriasis?

Auxiliary T lymphocytes play a key role in psoriasis, the levels of which increase significantly, contributing to the secretion of inflammatory cytokines and the increased proliferation of skin cells. However, the dysregulated immune system affects the whole body. It is an autoimmune condition.

Typical treatment of psoriasis is limited to external preparations, in more serious cases immunosuppressive treatment is used, and thus strongly suppressing the immune system, with many side effects.

Can We Cure Psoriasis?

Complementary medicine assumes that if the immune system is ill, it is worth considering the cause of this state of affairs and addressing it. It is always necessary to analyse whether the basic needs of the body are met, which include detoxification, nutrition, and oxygenation.

What is the Role of Ozone Therapy in Psoriasis?

Ozone therapy is a wonderful therapy for detoxification and also enhances and modulates your immunity and circulation. Ozone Therapy’s results show that ozone therapy is effective in treating psoriasis. Ozone therapy works as a regulation of the overactive response of the immune system. It reduces the level of oxidative stress. Exerts an anti-inflammatory effect by acting on the NF-KB nuclear receptor.

The body is unable to function efficiently if the amount of toxins it struggles with exceeds its ability to be removed. This affects the condition of the immune system. The body overloaded with toxins will try to remove them through the skin, which may also result in psoriatic lesions.

Ozone rectal Insufflation works wonderfully on gut dysbiosis.

(With inputs from Dr. Mili Shah, President, Ozone Forum of India)

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