Weight Loss Tips: The winter season marks the beginning of weight gain and laziness. The extra five minutes on the bed can do more harm than good. With laziness and chilly morning, the fitness routine takes a back seat. Physical exercise and a healthy diet are a must be strictly followed and adhered to. Even a simple amla tea can do wonders and also protect you from several ailments.

The Indian gooseberry known as amla is a powerhouse of health benefits. For decades, amla is used for medicinal purposes. As per the Ayurveda, amla can heal drawback doshas like vatta, pitha and kapha. These make amla rich in medicinal purposes.

Why is Amla Used For Weight Loss?

Amla has been extensively used in all the weight loss regimes. People prefer this tangy and pungent fruit in the form of juice or just prefer it raw. The after taste of this fruit is slightly pungent and bitter taste. However, if you’re a fan of herbal tea, amla tea should be your go-to tea. It increases the metabolic rate that helps in losing weight faster.

Does Amla Tea Help in Shedding Those Extra Kilos?

Amla helps in increasing the metabolism rate. The faster the metabolism, the faster you’ll lose weight. With the presence of fibre in the amla, bowel movement becomes easier and it helps in eliminating constipation, helps in digestion and improves gut health. Along with this, amla tea helps in detoxifying the body naturally.

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