Beauty Hacks: We all crave flawless hair and glowing hair. With the advent of technology, we spend hours reading or watching product reviews and trying our hands on new products available on the market. These new products claim for silky smooth hair, flawless skin and everything we imagine. However, what we need to understand is that not everything is under our control. We can control diet and physical exercises but achieving flawless skin or hair length is way beyond our control.

Taking it to Instagram, health and beauty expert, Dr. Gurveen Waraich shared five things that are beyond our control. Things like premenstrual breakouts, hair length, natural skin colour and others are things we cannot control.

Check out the Instagram Post:

5 Things That We Cannot Control Are:

  • Premenstrual Breakouts

Just like bloating and mood fluctuations, a few breakouts(acne) is a normal occurrence during PMS(premenstrual symptoms). This is due to a fall in estrogen and progesterone(female hormones) levels just before periods and a relative increase in testosterone(male hormone) levels. It’s normal to get 1-2 breakouts 5-7 days before periods which should start settling down once the bleeding starts. But if your acne is persistent, cystic and painful then you need to consult a dermatologist.

  • Hair Length

Hair length is completely controlled by the length of the anagen(growth) phase of your hair follicle. And how long this period lasts is mostly determined by genetics. The anagen phase for scalp hair on an average varies from as short as 2 years to as long as 7 years, so an individual whose anagen phase is 5 years will be capable of growing hair longer than the one whose anagen phase is only 2 years long.

  • Skin Pores

Skin pores or what we popularly call open pores (which in itself is a misnomer because there is no such thing as closed pores) are openings of oil/sebaceous glands onto the skin. They are a natural and essential part of our skin. It’s usually more prominent in individuals with oily skin and increases in size as we age. We cannot and don’t want to get rid of them completely. But yes with a proper skincare regime and few treatments we can reduce its prominence.

  • Loss of upto 100 Hair Strands Daily

Shedding hair is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. Hair grows and dies in 4 phases : Anagen(growth phase), Catagen(transitional phase), Telogen (resting phase) and Exogen(hair shedding phase). And once the hair has completed its cycle it will shed off, so it’s natural to lose 100-150 hair strands daily.

  • Natural Skin Colour

There is a difference between even skin tone and whitening, aim for the former not the latter. Every skin colour is unique and exotic, be proud of it.

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