A climate change jargon cheat sheet

World leaders are, at the moment, still trying to come up with an agreement to deal with the climate crisis at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s 26th Conference of Parties at Glasgow, Scotland with letters like these being written to the negotiators.

In the last two weeks, climate news has, maybe for the first time ever, made it to Indian newspapers in volume. But to understand what’s at stake and how discussions are unfolding, one has to know the language of climate change. The Washington Post has made life easier for everyone by creating a cheat sheet of climate terms used in climate talks.

If you don’t know the difference between adaptation and mitigation, and why they are important concepts, read here.

Why Glasgow is important

This is the 26th time the world has gathered within the framework of the United Nations to address the climate crisis. Although these conferences are annual events, with some being more important than others, the one happening right now holds special importance.

The scientific community is more certain than ever about the threat of climate crisis. The time to undo the damage is running out. This decade will either make or break the planet, which will depend on whether world…

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