The plans for the Jaipur Literature Festival 2022 have just been announced. Sanjoy Roy of Teamwork, the company that organises JLFs around the world, spoke to Excerpts from the interview:

Are you back on the ground in Jaipur in January 2022?
Yes! Yes we are, if everything falls into place.

So what are the plans?
We will have both a physical and digital festival, we will have five-plus venues on the ground. So during the five-day physical event, from January 28 to February 1, we will have unique sessions on the ground, some of which we will also broadcast online in real time. After the physical events, we we will have a series of unique digital sessions.

So, not everything you see physically will be broadcast live, and not everything you can watch digitally will be a physical event on the ground. We are trying to create a unique opportunity for both sets of audiences. And we’re adding a new venue, which will focus on writing around the performance arts and visual arts, with a focus on photography.

Will the on-ground events continue to be held in Diggi Palace?
The main festival will move from Diggi Palace to Clarks Hotel in Jaipur, in conformity with the request made by the authorities last time we…

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