If you go looking for statistics related to coaching in cricket, you find precious little. The major stats databases weren’t designed to include them and as such a coach in cricket doesn’t seem to matter as much as, say, a manager in football. But there is no denying the fact that the right coach can have a huge bearing on results and even play a role in setting up the team for the future.

Ravi Shastri’s stint as India coach was dotted with adjectives. Every win was a never-seen-before triumph, every series win was an invitation to greatness and crushing defeats were little more than badges of honour. He had, what one might consider rare, a gift blurring the lines and inspiring confidence where there was little.

His methods worked too. Under Shastri, India won 25 of the 43 Tests it played. The winning percentages in white-ball cricket were very good as well – 51 wins in 76 ODIs and 42 wins in 65 T20Is. The numbers make him among the best coaches India has ever had.

When Shastri had taken over in 2017, he had said he expected to do “very little coaching” in the role, with more of his focus on “fine-tuning and mentoring”.

“At the…

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